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If you are suffering in a hostile or discriminatory work environment based on your sex or gender, whether through sexual harassment, unequal pay, pregnancy and related medical condition differential treatment, or because of your disability, race or age, we understand what it’s costing you. Financially. Emotionally. Physically. It’s not only outrageous and unfair, it’s also illegal.

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We’ve Helped Hundreds of Women to Obtain Gender Justice Under the Law.

Since 1999 we are New York’s leading women’s rights in the workplace law firm. We have represented hundreds of women (and men) against all forms of unjust workplace conduct, including wrongful termination, all forms of gender discrimination such as sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, and maternity leave violations, and race, age, ethnicity, and religious discrimination, as well as those who have been illegally fired or the subject of wrongful termination.

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You can forfeit your legal leverage and right to sue if you quit or resign your employment. Contact us to learn about your options.

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