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Know Your Rights: National Origin Discrimination

Discrimination at work based upon national origin is illegal. If you’re being discriminated against at work based upon your country of origin or ethnicity, please call us to find out we can help.

What Constitutes National Origin Discrimination?

In some instances, such discrimination may be overt, such as if you are told that you are being paid less than others based upon your ethnicity or actual (or even perceived) country of origin. You may also be told that you are not eligible for promotion or allowed to work on the company’s more important jobs or accounts for the same reason.

More often, ethnic discrimination is subtle. You may learn that you, and others with your ethnic background, are not being paid the same as your counterparts. You may also notice that you and others not from the US are not being promoted, or that you are not allowed to work on key projects or accounts that would not only provide the possibility of larger pay and bonuses, but also opportunities to advance in the company.

National Origin Discrimination Can Take Place in Many Form, All of Which are Illegal.

If you believe that you may be subject to national origin discrimination, we urge you to carefully document the practices that are occurring, and to call our firm. We offer a free consultation, and once we learn about your case we can advise you of your legal rights and explain how we can help and what must be shown to prevail in your case.

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