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It is wrong – and illegal – under both New York and federal law to discriminate against an employee based upon sex or gender identification. This means that with respect to all important job aspects – such as promotions – an employer cannot treat one person differently than others based upon gender.

Proving Gender Discrimination – The Theories for Discrimination

New York Sex & Gender Discrimination Lawyer Jack TucknerAre women in senior management and professional positions held to a different behavioral standard than men?

In one case, a female executive, described by supporters as “authoritative” and “formidable,” was denied a partnership because several male partners described her as “macho” and suggested she take “a course at charm school.” She had been advised by another partner that in order to improve her chances for partnership she should “walk more femininely,” wear makeup, have her hair styled and wear jewelry.

Proving that an employer’s articulated criteria for advancement is inconsistently applied to men and women, and is therefore a pretext to discriminate on the basis of sex, still remains a daunting challenge for women in various corporate cultures. These discriminatory phenomena, as with all forms of discrimination, require that plaintiffs prove their cases under one of the four general theories of discrimination:

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In plain English, if you feel that this uncomfortable workplace situation or severe hostility would not have happened to you if you were a man, then you’re experiencing sex discrimination, and it’s illegal.

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