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When we review a Severance Agreement, we examine the totality of the circumstances surrounding your involuntary separation from employment, not just the specific provisions of the Agreement. Labor and employment issues are complicated and multi-layered; we first seek material information regarding your employment history and termination before we can provide meaningful guidance. Our in-depth review of all the facts and circumstances surrounding your employment and termination allows us to learn what is really behind the termination of your employment.

When you sign a Severance Agreement, you must release any claims you have against your employer. That’s why it’s essential to determine whether viable claims may exist before you sign the Agreement.

It is our goal to perform thorough and careful evaluations of all the circumstances surrounding a Severance Agreement and offer you knowledgeable guidance. If we find that there is a reasonable basis to believe that any human rights laws have been violated, we will review, consider, and address all the options, with the attention, sensitivity, and urgency that such matters require.

Before you sign any severance agreement, give us a call so that we can guide you through the process and help you determine if you have been subjected to any wrongful or illegal conduct by your employer.

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