How to Obtain Severance?

By Jack Tuckner, Esq.

I mentioned in my last video that an employee is not entitled as a matter of law to severance, just because they’re terminated. But if you’re being discriminated against, if you’re being treated differently in the workplace as a woman, for example, due to pregnancy, or because you oppose sexual harassment, or because you’ve asked to be paid equal to men, performing substantially similar work, even if your employer doesn’t agree with you after they investigate your allegations, which they must under the law – and this includes allegations of race, age, disability discrimination, etc., even if they don’t agree with you, it may open a door to a severance package because your company is really not allowed to treat you worse as a result of the complaint, the protected civil rights complaint.

So they may not agree with you, but if you are unhappy, and the marriage really can’t be saved and they’re not willing to correct whatever you are experiencing is discriminatory – that may be the key to leveraging a severance package, to allow you to move on with dignity and some money from your employer to resolve your discrimination.

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