Notice to Employer About Sexual Harassment

Woman looking uneasy while male co-worker has hand on her shoulder.Unfortunately, sexual harassment occurs all too frequently in the workplace.  If you are being sexually harassed at work it will be important that you voice your concerns as soon as possible to your HR department (or company executives, if there is no HR department) as soon as possible.

In particular, if you want to support your case, you must make such notification so that your company can investigate the harassment and take steps to prevent it from occurring again.  It is important to understand that if you have a case of sexual harassment, your case will be against your employer – not the person committing the harassment (unless that individual is the actual employer).

For example, you might want to send a notice to your employer about sexual harassment using the following form letter:

Dear [name of Supervisor or Human Resources Staff],

I’m writing to confirm that I am being sexually harassed by [name the coworker, manager, customer, or client].

The sexually harassing behavior has included [description of the harassment], and occurred [X number of times], and has been happening since [insert date]. More specifically, the harassment has consisted of [detailed description of the harassment].  The following individuals have witnessed or have knowledge of this harassment [name of people].

{if applicable} Attached are copies of [emails, notes, or other material] documenting this harassment.

By this notice, I request:

    • A meeting with you or appropriate company representatives to discuss this matter, followed by
    • Confirmation as to what steps the company will be taking to address this issue.

Sincerely, [Your name]”

Use of this Notice of Sexual Harassment 

This notice is not for all instances involving sexual harassment. While it may be fine for certain types of wrongful conduct (i.e. off-color jokes, requests for dates, unwelcome comments of a sexual nature), it is not suitable for more severe forms of sexual harassment that may border on (or actually be) criminal in nature, such as groping or similar conduct.

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