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The Equal Pay Act of 1963

The Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA) is an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. The EPA prohibits sex-based differentiation in compensation and benefits for employees. For example, a male bartender in a restaurant cannot be paid more than a female bartender for the same job description unless the disparity in pay is due to a legitimate factor besides the sex of the respective bartenders, for instance:

Working with an Equal Pay Attorney

There are exceptions and distinctions within the law that need examining on a case by case basis. The victim must prove that her job, compared with a male working in the same establishment, demands equal skill, effort, and responsibility and is performed under similar working conditions. If the jobs are determined to be truly “equal” and there is a benefit discrepancy in favor of one sex and to the detriment of the other sex, a complaint may be filed alleging violations of the EPA as well as sex discrimination under Title VII of the federal law.

How We Help In Unequal Pay Matters

Once we learn about the facts and circumstances of your case, we can advise you as to the possible remedies that may be available. Often, this will consist of filing federal and state claims under the various laws and regulations that may provide protection.


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