It Was a Win-Win: Great Experience and the Outcome We Wanted


Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser, LLP was the best choice I have ever made in searching for a law firm to represent my case!!

Every encounter I had with the staff at this firm has been compassionate, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable discussing my story and always felt understood. The lawyers are always available to speak with you and they are very down to earth. In the end we won our case and we were all very happy with the
outcome. Here is a photo of my children. They are my heart and no employer will ever belittle or fire me again based on the fact that I’m carrying another human being. ??

edil yusuf“JT, I wanted to thank you and your team for all of your help with my case. You have done an exceptional job given the tight deadline you had to work with. I have received my compensation and am happy to finally put my ordeal behind me. I will be sure to recommend you should anyone I know need a good NY woman’s rights lawyer.”

edil yusuf

larissa killough“I interviewed several attorneys before choosing Mr. Tuckner. He returned my call within 24 hours and spent over an hour on the phone with me. When I got off of the phone, I knew that he’d work hard to help me. My family and I are so very grateful for all that he did for us. It’s with confidence that I recommend his services to women who need an attorney that will truly go to bat for them.”

larissa killough

Josephine Gregory“I’m very grateful for Mr. Sipser’s help! When I first met with him, I left feeling relieved because he asked all the right questions. I had been contacting other attorneys, but Mr. Sipser did not hesitate to work with me on a contingency basis. Other attorneys wanted fees that I couldn’t afford because I had just lost my job, which is why I needed an attorney! Other attorneys don’t explain much, but Mr. Sipser answered all my questions and told me what to do next. I was very happy with him as my lawyer.”

Josephine Gregory

Heather & Amber Langley, a.k.a. The Porcelain Twinz“If you have a voice that needs to be heard, Jack Tuckner will lend you his, and it will echo through the subway and streets of New York City. His passion, knowledge and integrity for championing the rights for women, no matter what their profession, will help those who want to make change possible. Thanks for everything.”

Heather & Amber Langley, a.k.a. The Porcelain Twinz
zoe stark“My faith in Jack Tuckner began when he first came to the phone and, after telling me he had to make it quick but would call me back, spent 50 minutes talking to me about my case! He got me focused on moving ahead and feeling like I was not alone and did have a hope in the world of being vindicated and indeed, winning a monetary settlement. Jack’s unwavering belief in the righteousness and strength of my case –when everyone else said I didn’t have one- was empowering. He was relentless in his commitment to making sure I got the best agreement and settlement I could. His holistic view of the situation included having me make sure I was making choices that made the most sense for me on many different levels and for the long term. I would never hesitate to recommend Jack to anyone experiencing any type of discrimination or unfair practice in the workplace.”

zoe stark

Stacie Nielsen“Jack Tuckner is the best lawyer I ever worked with. Informative and down to earth. Gave me a consultation and did not limit the time–answered all my questions and gave me honest answers. Walked me through a very tough situation and supported me every step of the way. Gave me the legal empowerment to resolve the situation in the quickest and least hostile manner possible.”

Stacie Nielsen

Karen Edward“Thanks to Jack Tuckner my case ended on a very positive note. It wasn’t about the money and harboring negative feelings, but about magnanimity and closure. Jack was always there for me, honest, pragmatic and professional. I sense that connecting to his clients in that human way is extremely important to Jack–he truly cares.”

Karen Edward

Kimberly Hynes“I never had to wait long for Jack Tuckner to get back to me. No matter how small the question, he always answered it in detail. It was a scary thing to begin with, hiring an attorney to represent me against my employer. As soon as I sat down with Jack, he immediately eased my fears. I didn’t feel alone anymore.”

Kimberly Hynes

Karen McIntyre“Jack Tuckner took my case right at the beginning and designed an empowering strategy through each step along the way, from my first consultation to the final resolution in federal court.
My monetary award was even more than I ever would’ve expected. He’s informative, intelligent and ethical–the perfect qualities to have in a lawyer fighting on your side.”

Karen McIntyre

Joyelle Bukowski“Jack always stayed on top of things, from the beginning to the end of my case. He is in a class by himself as a lawyer.”

Joyelle Bukowski

Kate Darcy“For women’s rights in the workplace, attorney Jack Tuckner and staff rock!”

Kate Darcy

Andrea Lawrence“What impressed me about Jack Tuckner was that when I first met with him, he really listened and was very understanding. He didn’t use lawyer jargon and he explained the process step by step. He understood that for me it was not about the money so much as it was about the principle. That’s how he operates. It was obvious from meeting with him that his fees were not his main motivation, unlike other lawyers. When we had our ADR process, he explained everything to me but he didn’t dumb it down. He went in with guns blazing when they didn’t want to give us what we deserved. His opening statement blew the other lawyer away.”

Andrea Lawrence

Nicole McMiller“Jack is a good man. When you have problems, you can talk to him. When I first came here, I was kind of nervous until I met him. He made me have confidence in myself. He kept me up strong–as a woman. He thinks like us! He’s a wonderful man and he will always be in my thoughts.”

Nicole McMiller

Kim Chin“Jack left no stone unturned. He went all out. It’s not like he was only fighting for me. It was personal to him.”

Kim Chin

Alexandra Cole“Thank God we found Jack. I never felt that I was on the same level as my boss until I had Jack as my attorney.”

Alexandra Cole

Nikki Kilgour“Jack was always there to help me. I never thought a lawyer would actually answer and return calls, read email and actually respond to them, but he always did. I would tell friends how impressed I was because of the respect he had for my case. I felt comfortable with him–that he was truly on my side. I think he did a great job and more importantly, I felt he was honest with me from the beginning.”

Nikki Kilgour

Dorina Maxwell“Jack was reliable and caring. I used to call him 2 or 3 times a day. He helped me so much–not only legally, but psychologically as well.”

Dorina Maxwell

unique fleming“Jack Tuckner’s analytical ability and years of experience enabled him to provide thoughtful, thorough, and, most importantly, practical legal advice regarding a wide variety of employment issues. He listens carefully to client questions and comments and he responds quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. He is truly and awesome person.”

unique fleming

Ed Bracher“I would like to say that having Mr. William Sipser of Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser, LLP represent me in my age discrimination suit was the best thing I could have done. He was not only very professional, but made sure that I was calm and focused throughout my case. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family that would need his services.”

Ed Bracher

carole devine“Thank you, Jack, for everything you have done for my daughter Kathy and I. I cannot express to you how significant the impact you have had on her growth, development and our ability to have time to bond. I am so, so thankful that I did not get fired. I cannot tell you how you saved me and my daughter with your assistance and knowledge.”

carole devine

kadi patterson“I want to thank you, Jack Tuckner, for working on my pregnancy discrimination claim against my former employer…you gave me the confidence I needed in order to stand up for my rights.”

kadi patterson

evelyn rivera“In the short time that I’ve known Jack Tuckner, I felt like I’ve known him forever. Jack is very compassionate and understanding and he gave me so much support as I was dealing with a bad situation. My experience working with him was truly wonderful. His knowledge and experience is beyond words. So, ladies, if you’re being mistreated and abused in the workplace, Jack is your man.”

evelyn rivera

pearl korenblit“I would like to thank you for being so incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the negotiation process with my employer. I was very impressed by your knowledge of the legal issues involved in my case and your sensitivity to how tough the situation has been for me at work. I found each of our conversations, prior to writing letters or going to meetings with my employer, to be most informative, supportive, and right on the mark in your predictions of what would come up and how to handle it. I could not have done it without you and surely would not have succeeded without your expert advice. I am amazed at how fantastic a lawyer you are in your field of “women’s rights in the workplace” and at the same time what a great mensch you are. Wow!!!! I am happy to know that a lawyer can be so nice and supportive! You helped make such a difficult time in my life so much more tolerable. I was able to feel validated by my employer by following your valuable advice. With great appreciation.”

pearl korenblit

Lore Stamboulian“Jack Tuckner made it comfortable for me to cope with an extremely emotional ordeal. He is very knowledgeable and supportive and he and his staff were always responsive to my countless calls. He truly identifies and values the essence of the working mother!”

Lore Stamboulian

Danielle R. Combs“Jack Tuckner is a true asset to the profession. He naturally combines intelligence and ability with empathy and he’s is hard-working, patient, determined, and understanding. He’s accessible, sincere, caring, and open to individual needs. Jack undoubtedly prides himself on a gold standard of personal and professional principles. I thank him wholeheartedly for all of his help, generosity, and compassion, and mostly, being a gentleman of such high integrity.”

Danielle R. Combs

Marsha Hafez“Jack was like the biblical David going against Goliath with his slingshot. And it worked.”

Marsha Hafez

Harriet Cohen“Jack Tuckner made me like lawyers again.”

Harriet Cohen

Kathy McGlade“Facing unemployment was devastating. Finding Jack Tuckner was revitalizing. Jack is an excellent attorney, smart and determined. He listened, worked hard, and kept me focused. In addition to winning a generous settlement, Jack helped me stand by my principles and win back my confidence. Along with great legal advice, in Jack Tuckner, I found a treasured human being.”

Kathy McGlade

Kathleen Britton“Jack Tuckner put in the time and energy, using his skills and expertise to negotiate the best settlement possible under unusual and complicated circumstances. He did not pressure me to accept a poor settlement.”

Kathleen Britton

Dorothea “Dottie” Geraci“I want to thank Jack for sticking by me through everything, especially when I was ready to give up. You’ve been an excellent attorney, and more importantly, a good friend. Thanks for everything. If and when I’m ever in trouble again we’ll team up. Thanks so much.”

Dorothea “Dottie” Geraci

Juana Douglas“We feel so much better having Jack Tuckner on our side. God bless Jack and his staff.”

Juana Douglas

Meredith Start“My ordeal was/is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had to endure. I would never wish upon anyone what I was subject to, but Jack Tuckner provided me with both the emotional support and confidence to not run away with my tail between my legs. Thanks Jack!”

Meredith Start

Michelle Granucci“Jack was wonderful, I felt so satisfied. My boss got what he deserved. Jack had him by the throat. The staff was so helpful, Maggie was awesome!”

Michelle Granucci

“When I first went to Jack Tuckner it was with my head down and wondering how I would get out of a situation that that was degrading and discriminating. I felt I had lost control of a bad situation that was quickly getting worse. Jack Tuckner and William Sipser are a wonderful team. They are fighting social injustice and discrimination against women in the workplace and they are fighting hard. Jack was available 24/7. His strong will and belief in the right for women to be protected from discrimination and retaliation was cherished when I felt I was completely vilified and ousted at my job. I knew that I was protected. Not just because I had a lawyer, but because I had the right lawyers. They were the saving grace for me when I needed legal and moral support. Their entire team went above and beyond so I always knew I had a lifeline and wasn’t alone. It is a compassion I never expected to find from a legal team, but that compassion carried me through the process and in the end I walked away from the situation with my head held high. I am so thankful for this group of extraordinary people.”

Emily G.

Sandra Bongiorno“There is no doubt in my mind that if there is anyone who can get the job done, Jack’s the man. He emphatically targeted the problem, took immediate action and helped me receive results. He understood my stressful situation and guided me through every step of the way. I know that I wouldn’t have received this wonderful treatment anywhere else.”

Sandra Bongiorno

Karen Quintana“I just wanted to thank you again, Jack Tuckner, for all of your help during a most difficult time. Having been sexually harassed and discriminated against at work was very hard to deal with. Being fired after such ridiculous and obscene behavior however was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am glad to have found an attorney who understood the situation completely and helped teach the sleazy people I worked for in the auto sales business that what they did was not going to be ignored. Thank you for “getting it” and helping me right the wrong. If any woman has been harassed and discriminated against at work, I would tell her without hesitation to call you.”

Karen Quintana

Rene Cooper“If ever you experience harassment or discrimination on the job, put it in writing, report it immediately, and contact William Sipser.”

Rene Cooper

miheala g.“Going through an extremely challenging time and almost losing all hope, I was fortunate enough to meet Jack Tuckner. It took me only the first few minutes to realize he was the right attorney for me. He was strong and very knowledgeable, and spent considerable time to understand my situation. I felt that he sympathized with me, that he cared and that he genuinely wanted to help me get a measure of justice. My situation was very difficult (it was not so black or white), but his outside-the-box thinking ensured my victory. Through the entire process, he put me at ease and followed up in quick time, whenever I had any questions or queries. Jack was frank, direct and passionate, and on my side all the way. I ended on the winning team, because Jack was leading that team.”

miheala g.

andrea bryant“I just wanted to say how much of a wonderful job Mr. Tuckner he did with my case. He kept me updated as much as possible, and if I didn’t fully understand something that was going on, he stayed with me on the phone until I did. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and would recommend him to any woman
with a problem. He’s a true man who is dedicated to his job and does it with compassion and concern. Thank you, Jack Tuckner.”

andrea bryant

clara hurtado“I was browsing in the law section of the library and found an interesting book that gave a wonderful definition of “success” for a lawyer. It said, “A true measure of an attorney’s success has little to do with the financial consequences of a particular matter for the individual attorney. Success as a lawyer is properly evaluated according to such standards as the quality of the effort expended by the attorney, the extent of the service rendered to the client, the degree of professionalism displayed throughout the life of the transaction or proceeding, and the extent to which the attorney uses his talent and skills to serve others.” This made me think of Jack Tuckner. Money is not his bottom line. Serving his client to the best of his ability certainly is. I thank Mr. Tuckner from the bottom of my heart for all that he has done for me. I hope he and I can remain friends, I would truly value that.”

clara hurtado

florence bonavia“Being fired for taking my medications at work was devastating. Jack Tuckner’s expert guidance and vast knowledge of women’s rights in the workplace got me through this ordeal. I was so nervous and anxious on the day of the EEOC mediation. I’ll never forget how he put me at ease. He’s such a confident and a master negotiator. The best thing is the monetary award you won for me from my former employer. Thanks to you, justice was served.”

florence bonavia

Amy Cohen“I loved working with Jack. He was so compassionate. I felt that he really cared about me.”

Amy Cohen

Donna D.“In this male dominated world, having an attorney like Jack Tuckner fighting for you is a blessing to any female who has been wronged”

Donna D.

Arely Mendoza“Jack Tuckner is an excellent lawyer and a wonderful human being who is supportive, understanding and caring. He is there for you all along the way to help you to maintain your dignity and emotional well being as he fights for your rights in a classy and professional manner. I thank Jack for his excellent work. The mediation was excellent and he helped me to bring closure to my case on a positive note, both monetarily and emotionally.”

Arely Mendoza

Tanya Rouse“I was being humiliated at work, and I got Jack Tuckner to save the day! I was facing discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. I looked to Jack for advice and support, and he provided me with both. He worked in a timely manner, which was important because I was expecting my second child at the time, and he empowered me to help myself with my situation. He really encouraged me to stand up for my rights, and to be in control of the situation.”

Tanya Rouse

Charlotte Simon“Jack Tuckner, you’re one of the coolest and honest lawyers I’ve ever met. God bless you and your family.”

Charlotte Simon

Valerie Washington“Jack thinks like a woman. He made me comfortable enough to tell him anything.”

Valerie Washington

Shandauh Burgess“I felt like Rosa Parks, because I made a change in the company that will benefit other women. If Rosa Parks didn’t step up, Black people would still be at the back of the bus. If I hadn’t stood up for my rights at work, other women might still be getting hurt. Now for the first time, my employer must have a sexual harassment policy.

Jack was great! He was like a Genie; he made my wish come true. He granted me a wish that I thought would never happen. In the mediation process at the EEOC, I was a little nervous but Jack made me feel comfortable and he gently pushed me to make sure that I had a full chance to tell my side of the story. The whole process made me stronger, I never had one problem with his office. They always gave me prompt updates.”

Shandauh Burgess

Denise Owens“Other lawyers wouldn’t take my case because I was in a union. Jack got me my back pay when my union wouldn’t even try.”

Denise Owens

Iryna Fito“It was a very big pleasure to work with Jack Tuckner and his team. I think he chose the right profession in his life. My first impression was that his occupation isn’t just work for him but more like a style of life. That’s why his cases are successful. He helps us, women, to make some changes in the world. So, if you want to win, work with Jack Tuckner.”

Iryna Fito

Marina Piller“Through countless conversations that kept my spirit intact while I was being
ambushed by my employer, Jack provided me with a world-shifting view in how I can go about redefining my life and changing my perspective. He gave me not only practical sound legal advice and support whenever I needed it, but also deeply insightful wisdom about the transitions one usually undergoes, one step at a time, from being engrossed in a single corporate identity to a rich array of possible selves. He empowered me when I was marginalized at work, and supported me irrespective of the path I needed to take for our case, while internalizing my goals as if they were his own, and delivering outstanding results. Jack is truly extraordinary.”

Marina Piller

Susan Terwilliger“I want to thank you, Jack (and all your staff) for the many months you have worked on my case and the successful outcome.
There were many times during the negotiations when I know was difficult as a client – upset, angry and obsessive to the extreme. You were compassionate about my emotional state, but more importantly, you helped me get past my emotions and NOT take things so personally. This state of mind helped me dissipate the emotional fog, make decisions and understand and actually get what I really wanted and what was really important. A side benefit—it also helped me sleep better! I want to express a special thank you regarding how hard you continued to work on the other terms after the money was already decided. I really appreciate your willingness to continue to go to bat for me on these issues, even when there was (quite frankly) no additional money in it for you. I always felt that you were deeply committed to getting it right. I just really have to say thank you again for representing my interests with such integrity.”

Susan Terwilliger

Laura Pereira“Jack Tuckner was very attentive and understanding. He cared about what I was going through–my whole ordeal. He always responded quickly to my questions when I needed answers. His relationship with the mediator and the other lawyers representing the employer made me feel that I was in the best hands when it involved fighting for my rights. You can see that he loves what he’s doing. He’s someone you can open up your heart to. The staff made me feel so welcome. They are so cordial and professional. From the first day I walked in I said, wow, I like this place.”

Laura Pereira

Deborah O’Rell, Client Advocate

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