DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB. Call a lawyer first. Find out why.

By Jack Tuckner, Esq.
If you’re suffering in a hostile work environment due to discriminatory treatment and you want to hold your employer accountable, the most important pro tip I can give you is don’t quit your job and then look for a lawyer to help you, as at that point it’s likely too late. You’ve already forfeited your most significant legal leverage, the job itself.
Quitting your job is just giving up and doing your employer a favor, and most of the time when you quit you’ll also be ineligible to even collect unemployment benefits, never mind being able to take your employer to court, which is near impossible once you’ve voluntarily resigned.
So, the upshot is—don’t quit when you’re experiencing discrimination—put your complaints regarding the hostile work environment and discriminatory treatment in writing and send it to your employer so you can prove that they’ve had the opportunity to investigate your allegations and correct whatever’s going on that’s stressing you out.
And call an employment lawyer before you quit or get fired so that you can tailor the advice to your specific situation.
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