Can my employer discriminate against me based on my hairstyle?

Hello. My name is Jack Tuckner. I’m an Employment Discrimination attorney based in New York City, and a Women’s Rights in the Workplace advocate. Here to tell you today about the CROWN Act, which is an acronym for Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair. Yes, hair. New York now in July 2019 joins California as the only two states in the United States to ban and prohibit discrimination based on certain hairstyles typically associated with race, color, ancestry, ethnic group identification, such as braids, locks, twists. And those styles are of course associated with certain ethnicities and races and colors that have historically been held to a different standard and banned in workplaces and classrooms. And it is no longer legal to ban, discriminate or treat employees differently based on those protected hairstyles.

If you feel you’re being treated differently in the workplace based on your ancestry and the hairstyle that you choose to wear as a result of that. You should complain to your employer and if you want to discuss your particular workplace challenges, as always, feel free to give me a call or shoot us an email at our offices here in New York in the Mid-Hudson Valley. And we’ll discuss your workplace challenges with you free of charge and in total confidence.

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