End Pregnancy Discrimination in New Jersey Now!

There are a lot of things to worry about during pregnancy. Will my baby be healthy? Will I make a good mother? How will my other child react to being a sibling?Wondering if you will lose your job shouldn’t be one of them.

Many times a pregnant worker has lost her job because she needed a modest accommodation – a stool to sit on for 15 minutes out of every hour or access to a restroom as often as she may need. Thankfully, New Jersey, following up New York City’s Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, has decided to do something to protect these pregnant workers (and their unborn children). This bill aims to ensure that pregnant works are safe and secure in their jobs and will not be fired because she requires a modest accommodation.

If you agree and want to better the lives of women and families throughout New Jersey, you have until January 14th to call Governor Chris Christie and let him know. It is only with his signature that this bill can become a law. You can call 609-292-6000 today and state “I am calling in support of S2995, because no woman should have to choose between her job and a healthy pregnancy. If he supports working families, Governor Christie should sign this important bill today, and end pregnancy discrimination in New Jersey.” New York City has protected its pregnant workers, isn’t it time that New Jersey does too?