Can Sexual Harassment Occur Between Individuals of the Same Sex?

A common misconception is that #SexualHarassment can only occur between people of the opposite gender. This is incorrect, as workplace #SexHarassment can (and does) frequently occur between members of the same sex. New York sexual harassment attorney Jack Tuckner explains what constitutes illegal workplace sexual harassment.

What is an Arrest and Criminal Conviction History Discrimination?

New York State and New York City’s human rights laws prohibit discrimination based on arrest history or criminal conviction history. And there’s only two narrow exceptions to this prohibition.

Are You a Victim of Age Discrimination?

If you feel you’re being managed out, treated differently, victimized because of your age, you may be a victim of age discrimination and before you’re fired, it’s best to take action.

Your Divorce at Work: To Share or Not to Share?

The main reason to notify your employer about your divorce is to let them know how it might affect you personally and thus affect your work.

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