Equal Means Equal – Find Out What You DON’T Know About Women’s Rights

In the new movie Equal Means Equal, filmmaker Kamala Lopez explores the rights that women still do not have, more than 200 years after the ratification of the Constitution, and don’t forget, corporations are not “persons” under the law, women, not quite so much.

Sadly, women still are not protected under the Constitution, as the Equal Rights Amendment fell short of ratification by 3 states.  Yet, the fight for ratification goes on.

In the interim, American companies are still paying women far less for the same work as their male counterparts.  On average, it’s estimated that women earn only about 79% of the wages that men earn for doing the same or comparable work.

What Can Be Done

As a women’s rights in the workplace law firm, we represent women who have been sexually harassed or otherwise treated differently at work because of their sex.  Sex (or gender) discrimination occurs in many forms, ranging from unequal job or promotional opportunities to unequal pay, and pregnancy discrimination, a serious workplace challenge that negatively affects only working women. If men could get pregnant, maternity leave would be 6 months long and fully paid, but unfortunately, as long as pregnancy’s truly a “girl thing,” as one employer recently put it, women will continue to experience pregnancy discrimination before, during and after their babies are born.

Apart from being women’s rights lawyers, furthering the cause of working women is our firm’s mission and passion.  As a male, I am proud to call myself a feminist.  I want the world to be a better place for my daughters, and for yours.  I don’t want our girls and women to continue to experience the discrimination and harassment that is still widely prevalent in many corporate cultures.