Filing for Unemployment During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Hi Debrah O’Rell, Tuckner Sipser, employment discrimination law firm. I wanted to just speak about filing for unemployment right now. Even if you think you have exhausted your benefits for the year, you should file anyway. Because with the pending federal increase of the amount of weeks, you want to be in the system when this kicks in or should it kick in. Also, keep in mind if you’ve never applied it’s real simple, you just go online, type in your state how to apply for unemployment benefits. It’ll pop right up also right now, because of the volume, New York is doing it by day. Beginning of the alphabet Monday, middle Tuesday, and Wednesday. And if you miss one of those days, anybody can call on Thursday and Friday. New Jersey is doing it based on the last four digits of your social security. Eight o’clock, nine o’clock, 10, et cetera. And then from four to seven, anybody can call like definitely file right away because some of the benefits have changed and it could be very helpful to you right now.