Racial Harassment at Work Hits New Record, Says EEOC

Diversity Inc collects reports that suggest racial harassment at work has hits new record. Racial harassment is on the rise in the workplace and it’s more than just the use of the N-word, reports the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The discrimination watchdog reports a spike in racist graffiti, Ku Klux Klan propaganda and even physical threats, including the display of nooses, among other intimidation tools, reports MSNBC. According to EEOC data, racial-harassment cases have more than doubled to 6,977 since the early 1990s–Blacks filed nine out of 10 race-harassment charges. Earlier this month,Lockheed Martin agreed to settle and pay $2.5 million to a Black electrician who claimed he was harassed daily. That was the largest settlement filed by the EEOC awarded to an individual. Check out DiversityInc’s exclusive national Noose Watch to chart noose-hanging incidents across the country