Rotary helps fund kids domestic violence book

Rotary helps fund kids domestic violence book Five Longmont-area Rotary clubs joined together yesterday to provide funding to the Longmont Ending Violence Initiative (LEVI) in their efforts to publish a children’s book on domestic violence. A check in the amount of $4,000 was presented to LEVI by members of these Rotary clubs during a Longmont St. Vrain Rotary meeting April 25, 2007 at the 1st Evangelical Lutheran Church of Longmont. A short summary of the project and a book reading was given after the presentation of the check.

LEVI works to provide the community with domestic violence prevention/education, one-stop referral and public information for family, friends and co-workers. LEVI’s library committee works to ensure that quality materials on domestic violence are available to the community. As part of their efforts, this committee set out to find books geared for young children on the topic of domestic violence, and they found nothing available. In response, Longmont Police Officer and LEVI member Sara Pierce wrote a book for young children, explaining domestic violence in a story format, using words and situations that they could understand.

The children’s book has been a working project within LEVI but until now, has not received the funding needed to publish it. When local Rotary member Sue Bridgeman heard about the book and the lack of funding, she set out a mission to get many area Rotary clubs involved to come up with the funds. The five Rotary Clubs who came together to donate financial support of the book project are as follows: Longmont St. Vrain Rotary, Erie Rotary, Carbon Valley Rotary, Longmont Twin Peaks Rotary, and Longmont Rotary.

“LEVI is truly grateful for the book funding we have received from Rotary,” said Cheryl Swanson, LEVI Project Coordinator. “Thanks to their generous donation, this wonderful book will be available to young children here in Longmont, and soon enough, all around the country.”