Can I Be Fired for Something I Didn’t Do?

Here’s a question of the week?

Can I be fired from my job for something that I can prove I didn’t do, that’s completely unjust and unfair?

And the answer is, unfortunately, almost always absolutely yes.  

You can be fired, if you are an employee of a company and you don’t have a binding contract of employment, and most of us do not, you can be fired at any time, for any reason or for absolutely no reason at all.

What you are looking for is not the stupid reason or the crazy reason or the whacked out provably false reason that they’re using.

But, instead, what is it about you that may be the real reason you can use for leverage; the real reason that would give you a discrimination case?

You can’t be treated differently in the workplace on the basis of your sex, for example. So if the real reason is, you’re a woman, or the real reason is you’re pregnant, you took maternity leave, you rebuffed your boss’ sexual advances that were unwelcome, you are a person of color, you are a Muslim, you are over 40, you are recently disabled, you took a protected disability leave.

If the real reason is based on the illegal factors embodied in the federal state discrimination laws, then you have got some leverage to hold your employer accountable.

That’s what you’re looking for;  not the crazy reason that you can prove you didn’t do because it doesn’t matter.

You could be fired for all kinds of crazy reasons.  It just can’t be an illegal one.

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