Coronavirus in the Workplace

If you’re pregnant and work in NY–the epicenter of the outbreak–and you’re still required to report to the workplace, either because you’re an “essential” employee, or because you’re one of the 25% of employees required to report to work during the mandatory closure of businesses, you are entitled to a “reasonable accommodation” of your pregnancy, which means that you’re entitled to special treatment due to the risks involved to you and your unborn child, or due to a pregnancy-related medical condition or temporary disability, even for such common occurrences as morning sickness, gestational hypertension/insomnia, orthopedic challenges making it difficult to commute., swollen extremities, the need for frequent lavatory use, etc.

If this describes your situation, and your primary purpose is to get through your pregnancy unharmed by unnecessary exposure to the virus and the wear and tear of commuting, let your employer know of these challenges–in writing–and request an accommodation in the form of remote work–and then document their responses to your request. Here’s that calming video I mentioned-