Even Jill Abramson can’t get equal pay for equal work.

Jessica Goldstein in Think Progress, rightly asks if “even Abramson can’t get equal pay for equal work at the Times, what does that mean for the 22-year-old college graduate scrambling to climb from an unpaid internship to a real living as a reporter? The women out there who dream of ascending to the top of the Times masthead— is a dream all that will ever be? It’s not just a fear limited to women in the newsroom; it’s a concern of women in every room. The sinking feeling that Abramson’s removal had as much to do with her personality as it did with her managerial skills — this perception has every possibility of being inaccurate, but if the Times wants the narrative to play out in their favor, they might want to try issuing a statement that actually and explicitly explains Abramson’s offenses — is all too familiar. How long (a woman in any industry thinks) before I, too, get canned, because I’m not playing nice, or I’m “bossy” or “difficult” or for some other bogus, gendered reason?”