GA women’s golf coach quits after sexual harassment caims

The Golf Blog quotes Golf Channel to inform that Todd McCorkle quit his post as head coach of the Georgia women’s golf team after a university investigation into allegations of sexual harassment of the players. Apparently, he’s still employed by Georgia in some other undisclosed position. According to TGC article, the school investigated the following inappropriate behavior: “McCorkle was said to have shared a sexually explicit Paris Hilton video from the Internet with the team. Players reported McCorkle shared remarks about bras and underwear color. Other comments were more explicit, referring to male anatomy. There was a mention by one player of inappropriate physical contact. ‘He is randomly rubbing your back or flipping hair, or pat on butt — and otherwise not think anything about it — but with all the other stuff feels wrong,’ the unidentified player wrote.”

McCorkle, 44, is married to LPGA player Jenna Daniels (former student at Arizona, where he also coached including when Natalie Gulbis was there).

As Arnold Schwarznegger said in response to groping allegations of his own, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”