Spike in Cases of Domestic Violence As a Result of Stay at Home Orders for COVID-19

On March 27, 2020, the Washington Post reported a spike in domestic violence cases since March 8, 2020 due to stay at home orders forcing victims to remain with abusers for extended periods, and all of this has been exacerbated by rising economic pressures and victim’s fears of exposure to the virus in emergency rooms and even at women’s protective shelters–it’s the perfect storm of DV challenges for victims.

If you’re a victim of domestic violence and you work in NY, your DV challenges are a protected status, and you can’t be treated differently or fired due to your need for flexibility from your employer for any physical, emotional or practical need for employer compassion arising from the DV victim status.

Make sure you notify your employer in writing of the situation so that you can prove later that they knew of your DV challenges and protected status, in the event that they do not act in accordance with the state and city Human Rights Laws that require flexibility toward you, no harassment, and no discrimination due to your survivor status–e.g., if your company fires you because you may “endanger” co-workers by “bringing it into the workplace,” that’s illegal discrimination. hashtagDV hashtagdomesti