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In the chaos of conflict and disaster, women and girls can suffer unspeakable violence, exploitation and abuse. The odds are against them as they struggle to survive and protect themselves and their families.

Urge Congressional leaders to support the International Violence Against Women Act and ensure that Congress passes it without delay. This legislation will empower women to claim their most fundamental human rights. With the necessary resources for medical care, counseling, economic opportunities and education, women and girls can win in the fight against violence.

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We, the undersigned, support the International Violence Against Women Act. We urge you, as leaders of the Congress, to support this bipartisan legislation to stop violence against women and girls worldwide. We ask your help to ensure Congress passes it quickly.

As a supporter of the International Rescue Committee, I am concerned about violence against women living in conflict zones. I find the horrific abuse of women’s rights in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan and Pakistan an outrage on our conscience. And after natural disasters, such as the terrible earthquake in Haiti, I know that women are vulnerable to violence, exploitation and abuse.

The United States must lead the way to ensure a safer, more secure future for women and girls. This legislation is a critical first step towards curbing violence against women by aiding survivors, protecting those still vulnerable and preventing further violence through desperately needed international programs and foreign policy measures. We have a responsibility to protect and empower women and girls around the world who face unspeakable violence and abuse.