Transgender Student as Prom Queen has a purpose

Johnny Vera has a purpose, now that some means have been achieved. NBC reports the victory of an unusual prom queen:

Johnny Vera is not your average prom queen. He’s a transgender teen on a mission to spread positive attitude. That’s why this crown means so much.

“Nothing in life is impossible everything is possible if you can dream it, it can happen,” says Vera.

High school can be hard most everyone would agree often times differences are magnified and kids can be mean but Vera says, “not at Roosevelt High,” and his crowning moment is proof.

Since the beginning of Vera’s quest to be queen, winning the royal title was never the point.

“Years from now it’s not going to matter who won what’s matters to people was the impact,” said Vera.

Vera says it’s the impact of being brave, being bold and being the first.