W to Kids: Go to Hell!

By Jack Tuckner, Esq.

Did you hear the one about W vetoing the bipartisan supported child health care bill that would have provided an expansion of the federally funded, state-run health insurance program for poor children to cover an additional 10 million children? No? It didn’t get much air play. The cost of funding four months of kid-killing in Iraq for oil and lies is about the same as five years of funding to cover the additional 10 million kids, many of whom will surely suffer and die as a result of this mendaciously mean-spirited, unconscionable, twisted, and obscene corporation currently running this country

And we’re all too sheepish, ignorant and distracted by our online shopping sprees to give a rat’s ass, frankly. The real enemy is not the sick empty suits and phony Christians in the White House, the real villain is the corporate media those feeble and soft souls bought and paid for by the same over-lording paymasters that own our television, radio and print media as well as our corporate military, medical/pharmaceutical/insurance complex and corporate executive branch. That’s why this outrageous story could only be found buried on page 37 of the NY Times last week, and was nowhere to be found in the tabloid fare and television infotainment waste products that most of us consume for our dose of phony hard “news.” Please help me out–I’m testing this video as new form of instant emetic to be used in event of a drug overdose play this video and vomit. Let me know if it works.