Working Families Time to Care Act on the Anvil

It’s about time! The New York State legislature is considering a piece of legislation, the Working Families Time to Care Act, that would allow workers as much as 12 weeks paid leave to care for family members in need (like newborns, the sick or elderly, children and grandchildren, among others). Only two other states have similar laws, making New York the third state to consider such a plan. And Governor Eliot Spitzer, who fully supports the Act, is working to garner the necessary support for its passage.
As the Working Families Party suggests, even under the Family and Medical Leave Act, workers are forced to “choose between their families and their jobs,” as they cannot always afford to take time off to care for family members. The Working Families Time to Care Act would alleviate this problem.

What’s most appealing about the Act, though, is its availability to all workers; under the Act, women and men can take time off to care for a newborn child, allowing dads to play a larger role in caring for their children.

Here’s what the New York Times had to say about the Act last week.

Or check out the Working Families Party website for further information about the Act.