Detroit Bans Transgender Discrimination reports that Detroit has become the latest city to ban discrimination on the basis of gender identity. The City council has voted 8-1 to amend the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance which already bars discrimination against lesbians and gays.

“The passage of this human rights ordinance is a great positive step forward for the City and we are pleased to have been involved on the ground level to ensure the inclusion of gender identity,” said Kate Runyon, Interim Executive Director of the Triangle Foundation.

The Detroit-based Triangle Foundation worked for 17 years to get an all inclusive ordinance. The addition of “gender identity or expression” to anti-discrimination laws protects all people who don’t conform to rigid gender norms.

“The City Council has shown tremendous leadership and courage today and we congratulate them on this declaration of the City’s openness and commitment to inclusion,” said Runyon.

City Council President Kenneth Cockrel, Jr. said the new law will mean “every Detroit citizen to be protected from all forms of discrimination, injustice, and harm.”

“The practices and policies of the City of Detroit should promote a public confidence in the fairness and equal treatment of any and all human beings,” said Cockrel.