Female Employees Sue Gym Over Alleged Sex Harassment

Female Employees Sue Gym Over Alleged Sex Harassment

Five women slapped a New York City gym with a lawsuit Wednesday, claiming they were suddenly fired after complaining about sexual harassment they endured from a male manager.

The employees – who worked at Battery Park Swim and Fitness – claim they were each fired, one by one, within months of filing complaints.

Courtney McCallion, 25, told the New York Daily News that the manager would constantly snap her bra straps, gawk at her at the pool and use sexual nicknames to address her .

McCallion claims when she and her female colleagues went to human resources to file a complaint about the treatment – they were told if they couldn’t get along with the manager, they would all be replaced.

Another victim 23-year-old Maggie Alexander said the women didn’t create a big scene and simply wanted the manager to be held accountable for his actions.

Alexander’s lawyer, Jack Tuckner, told the New York Daily News the treatment the girls allegedly endured is wrong.

“What is a surprise and what is remarkable and troubling is that most people would expect that in 2009 in New York City that management would do something about it,” he said.