Laurie Cumbo takes on victim-blaming in rape culture

New York City Council member Laurie Cumbo challenges patriarchy the way its supposed to be done. Answering CNN’s Pamela Brown, she did not mince a word in her attack on victim-blaming trend that is ongoing in our rape culture, ably assisted by mainstream media –

Was just watching CNN, and this woman on the right just shut down this CNN reporter who asked her about the victim of a rape. Seriously everyone must watch this, all women matter.Edit: The Women on the rights name is Laurie Cumbo, she is in the New York City Council.

Posted by Ben Pall on Monday, January 11, 2016

“That’s typical of just what I spoke about: that individuals often talk about the woman, they rarely talk about the individuals who actually committed the rape. Those are the individuals that need to be focused on right now [….] We shouldn’t talk about whether she was drunk, we shouldn’t talk about whether she was properly dressed, we shouldn’t talk about the time of evening that it happened. That is too typical of how we discuss rape in the city, the nation, and really the world. We need to focus in this situation on those five individuals that committed this heinous crime and what were the bad decisions that they made all throughout the day.”