Police Commission Elects First Transgender Woman as President

Bay Area Business Woman reports:

San Francisco The phones have not stopped ringing at Good Vibrations headquarters on Howard Street since the election last week of the company’s President & CEO Theresa Sparks as President of the San Francisco Police Commission.

“We are pleased as punch and we’re planning a celebration,” said Good Vibrations spokeswoman Dr. Betty L. Sullivan. “I’ve watched the leadership positions held by Theresa Sparks evolve since 2000, and her talents were evident from early on. Theresa’s election as Police Commission President is a logical progression.”

Actress and comedian Margaret Cho, who originally hails from the Bay Area, serves as a member of the Good Vibrations Board of Directors: “With Theresa as president of the San Francisco Police Commission, I actually feel safe in the City! I wish she would come down to Los Angeles and help us out with our cops!”

Sparks made history on May 9 as the first transgender woman elected to head a major metropolitan city’s police commission in the United States. She becomes the highest ranking openly transgender city official ever in San Francisco.

“While I think it is important to recognize the historic step my colleagues on the Commission have taken to make San Francisco a city in which everyone, regardless of our race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, can meaningfully contribute, I am most excited about this opportunity to represent all of the people of San Francisco,” says Sparks of her appointment.

Sparks has identified police transparency, violent crime and narcotics as major issues police should address, and she seeks greater community involvement during her tenure.