The Advancement Myth

The Center for Research on Gender in the Professions at the University of California San Diego’s latest research shatters the prevailing media myths regarding the advances in the workplace for American women. From the report: “Gender inequality maintains a tenacious grip on the American workplace. Post-recession, men continue to be more likely than women to retain the lion’s share of power. This holds true even within the professions requiring the most education, where some might imagine the potential for parity would be greatest. This social scientific report and set of three case studies+ from the Center for Research on Gender in the Professions show that, among those at the pinnacle of power, women still lag behind men. Recent claims by journalists and pundits have exaggerated the strides women have made in recent years. In contrast, this report documents the spectrum of power in the service economy. Women are common in the lower-paying service occupations, while men continue to dominate the professions. There are many interlocking reasons for these patterns and no simple solution to this problem.” Complete report can be found by clicking here.