Whoopi Goldberg on pregnant transgender man: ‘Uncharted waters’

PageOneQ quotes Whoopi Goldberg on pregnant transgender man

“I found them very sweet and naïve,” veteran anchor Barbara Walters says of the Beatie couple, currently expecting a child. “The greatest threat to them,” Walters adds, “is that their marriage could be taken away.”

Thomas Beatie, a transgender man, recently talked with Oprah Winfrey about his pregnancy. A profile also appears in the April 14 issue of People Magazine. Born a woman, Beatie is legally a man, but still has an intact reproductive system. Six months into his current pregnancy, the child is due in July; the Beaties’ gynecologist expects the baby to be healthy, and ultrasound imaging concurs.

The Beaties have received no compensation for sharing their story.

“It’s so weird,” says Sherri Shepherd. “You don’t want to be a woman, you want to be a man, but you want to do what a woman is doing…which one is it going to be? You can’t be straddling both sides of the fence!…I’m so confused!”

“You’re confused?” adds Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “Wait until this child comes into the world. That child’s going to be a little confused!”

“I think [the Beaties] can explain to the child who is living with them,” Whoopi Goldberg counters. “It is diffcult, I think, for them to explain to people who have never been trapped in the wrong body…We’ve got a black man running for president, he might win: uncharted waters. We’ve got a man who’s having a baby: uncharted waters.

“And there’s years and months of uncharted waters ahead of us. I’m so excited.”

“Some people have exactly the nuclear family that everybody wants,” says Joy Behar. “The father, the mother; he’s two years older than she is, they’re both the same race, the same religion; and they have really screwed up children.

“So, if you have two people who are ‘a little wacky’ like this, but they love their kids and they raise their kids in a loving environment, who cares, really?”