New York Gender Identity Discrimination Law

As of January 2016 the New York State Human Rights Law bans discrimination and harassment against transgender people, which means that all public and private employers, housing providers, and businesses are prohibited from discriminating against transgender people anywhere within the state of New York.

This new progressive law’s biggest impact will be in the workplace, as NY law now prohibits all harassment and differential workplace treatment based on gender identity, transgender status, and/or gender dysphoria.

Under this new amendment to the law—applying to employees who work for companies having 4 or more employees—gender identity discrimination is illegal based on the protected categories of “sex” and “disability,” as gender dysphoria is considered a covered “impairment” under the Human Rights law.

If your employer is found liable for gender identity discrimination in court, the company may be ordered to pay up to $100,000 in civil fines and penalties. You may recover back and front pay, as well as uncapped compensatory damages for your emotional suffering.

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