Supreme Court To Women Workers: Stay Home And Make Babies (Like Our Wives Did)

By Jack Tuckner, Esq.

The United States Supreme Court Agrees with James Evans, Sr., Protagonist of the 1970’s sitcom, Good Times

James: “Ain’t but two places a woman oughta be, Florida.”

Flo: “Don’t you say it James”

James: (shaking head pressure building)

Flo: “Don’t say it.”

James: “The kitchen and the bedroom, Florida, the kitchen and the bedroom.”

Through tortured logic, sleight of hand and mean-spirited, small-minded regressive politics, the majority of jaded jurists in the Highest Court in the land found that a woman who was paid 40% less than her male counterparts for comparable work missed the 180-day filing deadline from the last discriminatory act, even though she’s still being paid less than men performing substantially similar work. In other words, the majority of these corporate-colluding good ol’ boys of our Supreme Court who heard this Civil Rights Act case decided that the law is just too soft and coddling toward working women as it tends to support equal pay to a woman for her equal contributions to the workplace. The law, they said, must be more narrowly tailored so that employees (in this case, women) who get screwed by their employers for illegal reasons and are valued with fractional pay raises compared with men, should have no redress in the Courts. The Court held that the poorly paid Plaintiff would’ve had to complain of the illegal pay differential years before she actually found out about it. Can anyone say, wizened old men with tiny little hearts and brains and Corporations in their beds? To paraphrase Michael Moore, “Dudes, Where’s My Country?

Here’s the opinion warning self-medicate with an anti-emetic before reading.

Remember my friends, the wise words of Henry David Thoreau: It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right.