Kirby Demonstrates What Not To Do At Work

By Jack Tuckner, Esq.

If this happens to you at work, for instance, it’s definitely sexual harassment. I mean, this is non-consensual French kissing, is not acceptable in the workplace. I would notify human resources immediately. I would tell them, and you know they will keep it confidential. I’m sure that there’ll be no retaliation against you, but you wanna make sure that you communicate to your company’s human resources department that your cubicle neighbor is not maintaining an appropriate sociological distance from you. This is not really consensual at this point. It’s unwelcome ear nibbling. 

Okay? I don’t really accept this, and if this was in the workplace, he’d be fired. As well, he should be. The fact is, though, at the moment, I’m consenting to this and I don’t work for him. That’s the difference. He’s allowed to do it. They can’t do this at work. If this happens to you, report it immediately. This is Kirby and Jack Tuckner with another human resource update from the Mid-Hudson Valley. Until next time.