NY Employment Discrimination Lawyer Jack Tuckner Talks Vaccinations & Unemployment With CNET

NY Employment Discrimination Lawyer Tuckner Sipser Weinstock & SipserAs vaccination mandates sweep across the nation, many employees are conducting cost-benefit analyses to determine the financial consequences they could face for refusing to comply with vaccination requirements.  While weighing the options, one of the most common questions we get asked is: Can I collect unemployment if I am laid off for refusing the vaccine?

CNET reached out to legal experts across the country to find out if employees who refuse vaccinations can still qualify for unemployment benefits.  As part of the article Laid off for refusing a vaccination mandate: Can you still collect unemployment?, CNET interviewed firm founding attorney Jack Tuckner, who explained how attempting to use a medical or religious exemption may be an uphill battle.  Find out why – READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.