What Should You Do if You’re Being Sexually Harassed at Work?


By Jack Tuckner, Esq.

If you being sexually harassed in the workplace by a coworker, a manager, a client, or a customer, either way, it is illegal and you’re entitled to protection, and you must complain to your company.

You must notify your company about this so that your company can investigate and resolve this unlawful sex discrimination in the form of sexual harassment in your favor.

The best place to look initially is to your company’s employee handbook or manual because your company will indicate that it has zero tolerance towards sexual harassment, and will tell you these are the people or the person that you should complain to so that your company can investigate your sexual harassment complaint and correct it.or fix it.

Now, if your company doesn’t have a handbook for whatever reason or employee manual, or it’s too small to have anyone designated to handle these issues, like a human resource person, then just complain to anyone above you in upper management, a director, a corporate officer, an owner, the executive director, anyone else who has the authority to look into this sexual harassment complaint and to fix it for you. It’s most important that you complain in writing to your company so that you can later show that you gave them the opportunity to investigate your sexual harassment complaint.

If you need any guidance or help, or just want to talk about what you’re dealing with with an experienced employee rights lawyer, feel free to contact us at Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock and Sipser, I’m Jack Tuckner, and we will arrange for a no charge case evaluation to see how we may empower and assist you in dealing appropriately with this unwelcome sex discrimination in the form of sexual harassment.

Thank you.