1099’ers are Now Covered by NY Sexual Harassment Law

By Jack Tuckner, Esq.

Pretty big news in the world of sexual harassment.

If you’re being sexually harassed, subjected to unwelcome sexual attention, a hostile work environment due to your sex – up until April 2018, you wouldn’t be covered if you weren’t a W-2 employee. And you’re still not covered under United States law, under federal rule. But now, the New York State Human Rights Law has been revised to cover all independent contractors or consultants. Even if you are the only employee or independent contractor in an organization in New York, if you’re being sexually harassed it’s illegal, you’re covered, you’re protected, and you can hold your employer accountable.

That’s big news. So if you’re in a position such as that, where you are currently working, and you are being sexually harassed, and you are not an employee, understand that you have rights, and if you want to brainstorm about your particular workplace challenges, remember this: don’t quit your job, and contact us. Call me – Jack Tuckner, and we’ll brainstorm together about how to empower yourself, and teach your employer a lesson.