Independent contractors are covered

By Jack Tuckner, Esq.

If you are an independent contractor, meaning your employer is misclassifying you as a 1099 consultant, or independent contractor as opposed to an employee, you are still covered, and protected by the New York City Human Rights Law, the New York City anti-discrimination statute, and that applies to all industries, including sex workers, topless dancers, strippers, bottle servers in nightclubs – all covered by the New York City Human Rights Law.

So, if you find yourself being treated differently because of your race and color, for instance, not getting the same privileges and benefits accorded to Caucasian employees, or, if you are being sexually harassed even if you work in an adult entertainment industry, it’s still illegal; and you’re covered.

So make sure, 1) Don’t Quit, if you are in that workplace environment, and expect to hold them accountable, so #DontQuit, 2) Document your opposition to the discrimination – put it in writing, in a provable way, and 3) If you want support and help, give us a call in this office. My name is Jack Tuckner. We’re employee rights lawyers, women’s rights lawyers, and we will brainstorm with you, at absolutely no charge to you. Give us a call.