Gender Expression, Gender Identity Protection Bill Now Protects You in New York

By Jack Tuckner, Esq.

This is Jack Tuckner, employment lawyer bearing great news for New Yorkers who are now protected, or soon will be protected, because the New York legislature last month – January 2019 – passed a Gender Expression, Gender Identity Protection Bill that will amend the New York State’s Human Rights Law to protect all binary gender, nonconforming employees, and transgender employees from discriminatory treatment. And the law also amends the New York penal law to protect gender identity and expression in the list of statuses that are protected under the New York’s hate crime laws.

So, if you or your loved one work for an employer with at least four employees and are being treated differently on the basis of gender expression, gender identity, feel free to give me a call in our New York City or Mid-Hudson Valley office, and we will have a little chat, free of charge and in total confidence to see how we may assist and empower you in your workplace challenges.